Seller's Library

There are a number of simple things we can do to increase the value of your home, to increase the marketability of your home, to increase the likelihood that a perspective buyer will be immediately able to see him/herself at home in the house you are selling.  There is much interesting information below.  I hope you will
find it helpful as you prepare your home for sale.
Click on any link below for information:

Six Reasons You Need a Realtor

Budget Worksheet

Seller's Disclosure Form (MLS Form 17)

Great Move-in Checklist

Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

Pricing and Selling Your Home - Factors to Consider

When You Decide to Sell Your Home

Why Your First Offer is Usually Your Best Offer

Making Your Home "Inspector Friendly

List of Home Inspectors

Seller's Inspection Checklist (from WIN Home Inspectors)

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