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Estate Executors - Records and Files to Look For

So,  you are the Executor or Administrator of the Estate of a loved one.  The Probate Process will certainly be easier if you have all the documentation you need.  What sort of documents and files should you be looking for?  We have categorized the most common items for you.

Final Arrangements.  (1) Will, (2) Funeral Arrangements, (3) Burial Plots, (4) Cremation Instructions

Assets.  (1) Bank Accounts and Statements, (2) Safety Deposit Boxes, (3) Check Books, (4) Credit Card Statements, (5)  Investment Records, (6) Brokerage Account Statements, (7) Retirement Account Statements, (8) Pension Records, (9) Tax Returns, (9) W2 Form showing most recent year’s wages, (10) Military Service Veteran’s Benefits

Liabilities.  (1) Loan Documents, (2) Promissory Notes, Mortgages, (3) Child Support Documents

Insurance.  (1) Health Insurance Policies, (2) Life Insurance Policies and premium payment records, (3) Annuity policies, (4) Home and Auto Insurance

Property.  (1) Real Estate Deeds, (2) Tax Records, (3) Registration papers for vehicles and boats

Work.  (1) Business co-ownership agreements, (2) Disability-related Documents, (3) Worker’s Compensation paperwork

Documentation.  (1) Birth certificates (of the deceased person, surviving spouse, and any minor children), Immigration and citizenship documents, (2) Prenuptial Agreement, (3) Marriage Certificate, (4) Military service records (branch, dates of service, discharge or “separation” papers, (5) Divorce Papers, (6) Social Security records