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Don't Get in a Hurry!

One temptation that comes to all those who find themselves in the position of settling an estate is "impatience."  In the Probate process, things don't typically happen quickly.  But sometimes, for the Personal Representative of an estate, time is actually your friend. 

There may be a lot of cleaning, sorting, tossing, and giving-away that needs to take place, but if you get in too big a hurry, or allow those helping you with the tasks at hand to rush through the job, you may miss some hidden treasures along the way.

One executor told this story:  "When my grandmother died, we lost $500, because my grandfather threw out an envelope from her dresser without looking in it.  I'd seen it in the drawer, but never thought my grandfather would toss an envelope before looking inside."

I remember purchasing a used telephone once at a yard/estate sale years ago. Later when we went to install batteries, we found a $20 bill tucked safely in the battery compartment. 

Many people who lived through The Great Depression have an innate fear of putting all their money in a bank, so they hide cash and jewelry, etc. in places known only to them.  Unless they keep a log of those hiding places, you may never discover what is rightfully part of the estate, if you are in too big a hurry.  

Just something to think about...

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