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Your Probate Helper

Help!  I’m an Estate Executor/Administrator!

Most of us, at one point in time, may be called upon to assist in settling the affairs of a loved one. It’s what we do for those we love, but the average person never gives a thought about whether or not that task will be quick and easy or lengthy and overwhelming.

When that day comes, we are often surprised to realize that we have suddenly stepped into an unfamiliar world of probate courts and attorneys, with strange-sounding terminology, expectations, and time frames that must be adhered to. All this comes at a time when we may be consumed with a sense of grief and loss.

In some cases, the deceased has left very organized and detailed instructions that make the job of the Personal Representative relatively easy. In many situations, however, finding the will, locating documentation for assets and liabilities, securing property, and managing medical bills and other debts may feel daunting. The decisions you are called upon to make, as Executor/Administrator, may leave you with an overwhelming sense of emotional and mental fatigue, even “paralysis.”

This blog is dedicated to giving information, wisdom, and insight into the Probate process to make it easier for those who are walking through it. Hopefully, a side-benefit will be to show those of us who have yet to leave this world, how to prepare our “estates” in a way that will make a smooth transfer when we are gone.

Stay tuned for more helpful information…